“Have you ever had a million things in your head and your hands full? That’s what happened to me today. I was headed back home from a soccer game and I realized that I didn’t have my keys on me. I usually don’t forget things like this. I went to the door to see if perhaps I had left the door unlocked. I hadn’t. I called Bursky Locksmith in Boston, MA. Although I live in a very hard to get to area, that most locksmiths would not even come to, they showed up at my house. When the woman arrived she quoted me a decent price so I paid her up front. She got to work and was finished in about ten minutes. I was so surprised that I found the best locksmith in Boston, MA on the first try.  I was amazed at her skills. “


” The day was finally here, I was getting ready to go to Tanzania to start my two years in the Peace Core as a Spanish teacher. As I finished loading everything into my car, I quickly went back upstairs to take a final look around. Everything seemed in order. I hastened downstairs, got in my car and reached for my keys; they weren’t in my purse. I quickly searched the car; nothing. I sprinted up the stairs, jiggled the door handle as I crossed my fingers and toes; nothing, it was locked.

I called my landlord to see if he could bring a spare, but he said I would have to wait at least an hour as he was dealing with a plumbing issue. I began to panic. I grabbed my phone and typed in “locked my keys inside my house”. The first result was a locksmith named “Bursky”, without hesitation, I called. A pleasant older gentleman answered the phone “Bursky Locksimth, how may I be of service”. I quickly told him what was going on, he asked me to describe my front door lock. I didn’t know much about it other than that it locked automatically after 2 minutes. This was apparently enough for him because he quickly said, “not to worry miss, what’s your address”?  I told him and he said “I’ll be there in 10 minutes”.

Surprisingly, he arrived just shy of 10 minutes. He saw that I was uneasy so he quickly said hello, and asked me to lead him to my apartment. He immediately got to work and asked me why I was in such a rush. I told him about my trip to Tanzania, he seemed genuinely interested; it distracted me from why he was there in the first place. Next thing I knew, my door flew open. I threw my arms around this complete stranger and gave him a big hug, ran inside and grabbed my keys. I asked the man how much it was and he said, given the circumstances, just $50.00. I wasn’t going to argue with that, I paid him and gave him another big hug, he wished me good luck and I was off.

Never did I think that locking myself outside of my house on a day like today would be a pleasant experience. Bursky Locksmith was amazing, punctual, quick, affordable, and friendly! I definitely understand why they came up first on Google. ”


-Louis .P

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