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Bursky Locksmith Company is a dealer in all types of  locks. All locks are of high quality and supplied at an affordable price. Popularly used commercial door locks like Rim or Mortise for large commercial doors are available. Other locks available are Latch Locks, Dead Bolts, Knob Locks, Chain Locks, Digital Locks, and many other locks are available in our warehouse. To get quality locks, reach out to us. Our store is in Boston, MA. If you can’t come to our store, you can also book our services through our online platforms. Our approach to our online and on-site customers is professional. Trust to receive kingly treatment whenever you buy your locks from our company. Our online platform is available for bookings 24 hours a day. You can always book our services as soon as the need arises.

Commercial Door Lock -Good Type Of Door Lock

There are different types of commercial door locks, and each one of them has a unique purpose and difference. Commercial locks are graded by their strength, durability, and price. Each level of the grade will determine the level of security the lock can provide. How many hits it can withstand before giving way, how many times it is expected to open and close, and so on. Here are some of the most commonly used commercial locks:

  • Restricted Key System: This particular type of door lock has limitations on the number of times cleared personnel can access the door.
  • Commercial Strike: This lock operates with electricity. A visitor will have to be announced before entering because they will be buzzed in. It is used at hospitals, law firms, etc.
  • Keyless Entry: These keyless entry locks operate using a sensor. You will need a passcode, security number, or card to gain access.

Residential Door Lock—The Best For Your Home

With the many types of locks available, picking a lock will be difficult. If you put into consideration all the available locks, you will be overwhelmed. Unless you have ground knowledge of what you want the locks to do, and then get a catalog of which door lock suits your needs best. There are many locks available, but we will highlight some of them.

  • Door Knob Locks: Knob locks aren’t advisable to be used on exterior doors. It can be easily bypassed with a hammer. It is used between rooms in residential settings.
  • Cam Locks: Cam locks are found mostly on filing cabinets, mailboxes, and drawers. They have different sizes too.
  • Lever Handler: Lever Handle locks are easy to use; they are used mostly interiorly.

There are still many more locks available for you to choose from in our catalog. We provide the best of all the locks. Reach out to us for all your door locks.

Changing Door Locks-Door Locksmith

You should change all your locks when you move to a new apartment. Changing locks isn’t necessarily difficult. It has a lot of technicalities. If it is to be done by a novice, they might go about chiseling your door. In most cases, chiseling is not needed. In the process of chiseling and hammering, your door and its frame can be ruined. That is an unplanned expense. To avoid such unwarranted expenses, employ our services. We are expert door locksmiths and can change your locks. What is expected of you is to contact us. When you do contact us, we will arrange for our locksmith to get to your site on time enough to do and finish your job as per our agreement. We are capable of changing all types of locks. Be it commercial locks or residential locks.

Bursky Locksmith-Top-Notch Customer Care

We are still in business because of the trust our customers have in us. Our relationship with our customers is very vital to us. We help them solve all their door lock problems, and they refer us to more people. Business growth is not based on the quality of service offered alone, but also on the level of intimacy with customers. It is the love of our clients that has sustained us to this day. In over a decade of serving our customer base, they have been loyal to our brand. A loyalty that can only be bought with a good job coupled with great customer service. Our customer representatives have done well to always be on their best behavior and accommodating. They go through our list of products with our customers, noting their needs and how best to serve them. Contact us for a unique door locksmsith service experience.