Every Magnetic Device Is Not The Same

Are you searching for the perfect magnetic locks? We are currently able to exhibit more than 15 brands of magnetic devices with 35 unique models available. If you go in the market, any shop owner will sell the particular lock which is available. With Locksmith in Braintree MA, only the specific shortlisted devices are recommended which meet your requirements criterion. In case there is no such lock available, our management will apologize to you rather than selling a device which does not fulfills your security needs. You might not know, but every magnetic lock has different features. Inform us about where you want to use it, we will recommend the best available options.

New Locks Installed In Few Minutes Only

How much time does it take to install new locks? With an unprofessional locksmith, it could take up to couple of hours in order to install 2 to 3 locks. With us, new locks installation service is completed in no more than 30 minutes regardless of the number of locks. Locksmith in Braintree MA has been providing the particular service from past 20 years. We have certainly excelled in delivering the locks installation solution in ideal manner. Let us know if we could be of any help to you.

Peephole Has Numerous Benefits On Offer

Can you think of living in a house which does not have peephole on the front door? If you are currently living like this then we would recommend you to stop taking such a risk and opt for peephole installation. Locksmith in Braintree MA is able to provide more than enough unique designs and styles of peepholes to its dearest customers. Select the one which goes with your front door and lobby area. Our staff will deliver the installation service at minimal charges within 10 minutes only.

Broken Keys Are Removed In 5 Minutes

Unlike other locksmiths, we don’t need to uninstall the lock and analyze its mechanism before removing the broken key. Our staff has more than 22 years of experience in the field. It has allowed them to have complete knowledge and understanding of every lock’s mechanism. Due to this, our technicians use the latest tools to simply extract the broken key from particular device without wasting any time at all. Don’t worry, we will pay you if any damage is ever done during service delivery. Locksmith in Braintree MA is currently providing remove broken keys solution at discount rate. Call now on 617-514-0200 to order.

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