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For all your home lock and key needs, call the #1 residential locksmith Boston has to offer. When it comes to your home, you only want to involve honest professionals whom you trust. We have over a decade in business and our dependable reputation speaks for itself. If you are locked out or need locks installed for your new home, call the most reliable residential locksmith Boston service in town. From the moment you place your call, we promise a 20-minute response. We’ll send a professional in a fully loaded residential locksmith Boston, MA van to secure your home. We also install hardware and repair hardware to keep your family safe.

Residential Locksmith Services in Boston

Call on us for help because we are the undisputed leading residential locksmith services in Boston, both in locksmithing expertise and outstanding services. Every home is different and therefore has different security needs. We make it our business to get your home 100% secure so that you and your family feel comfortable and safe. We address all your needs, no matter the size or design of your home. Experiencing a home lockout? Call us. Need a residential locksmith Boston to install door locks? You know what to do. We are your first and best choice for Boston, MA residential services.


Our Residential Locksmith Services

We want to be the first and only residential locksmith services you call for your home needs. We are there for you, on the scene in no time to help you get into your house. Our residential locksmith services offer premium hardware installations and repairs to make sure your residence is always safe and secure, whether you are there or not. When looking for a Boston locksmith, look no further. No one can match our level of quality when it comes to Bursky. Our Boston lock and key professionals arrive quickly and work efficiently, so we can get out of your hair and you can get on with your day.

Home Lockout Help

Everyone is faced with a home lockout once in a while. But there is absolutely no reason for it to be a stressful experience, as long as we are the ones you call. As the top-rated residential locksmith Boston, we take great pride in our rapid response, 24-hour home lockout services. You need a residential locksmith Boston you can trust to come to your residence and perform a home lockout procedure and we’re happy to be chosen and trusted by the community. While we’re there, ask about our hardware installation services. We can minimize threats to home security and make it easier for you to get in and out of the house without incident.

Step Up Your Security with Residential Door Locks Upgrades

Remember, our residential door locks services are not just limited to those times when you lock yourself out. Residential locksmith Boston provides a full spectrum of assistance to all types of residential door locks systems to get your home where it needs to be when it comes to security. We will install top of the line residential door locks when you move into a new residence or simply want to update your old ones. We change locks and will even repair hardware that is defective so that you can feel safe where you live. At our local company, we believe everyone has a right to feel safe and protected at all times in their home.


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Can locksmiths make a key from a lock after a break-in?

Absolutely! Locksmiths have a number of tools that they can use in order to make copies of keys in different ways. Most of the time, we’re used to seeing them take our original key and make a copy. But, if they’re coming in for break-in repairs, you may want them to rekey your locks. If they do that, then they will be able to use a mold or other tool to copy the pattern inside of your lock. Then, they’ll use that pattern to make new keys.

What tools does a locksmith use for home lockouts?

More often than not, your locksmith will use a pick set and other tension tools in order to take care of home lockouts. Tension tools are built for locksmiths so that they can put them into your lock and get your door open without breaking anything. Another consideration is when they have to take out a broken key. Broken key extractors are special tools that use something like a set of tweezers to carefully remove your broken key without damaging the inside of the lock. In rare cases, they will need rekeying tools to be able to rekey your lock, or lock installation tools if they need to replace your lock because it was broken or damaged.

Can updating my locks prevent a break in?

Absolutely! If you talk to with a locksmith about the locks that you have around your home, they can help you to figure out what updates you may need in order to prevent break-in repairs in the future. There are all sorts of lock technologies that are meant to be more secure than the older styles of locks that are out there. Newer locks are more difficult to damage or compromise, so would-be thieves have to try alternative methods in order to get into your home. Additional difficulty is usually a deterrent, so they’ll be more likely to move on to a different home as a result.