Sargent And Bursky Locksmith Have More Than 220 Years Of Experience Together

Whom would you trust, a new brand with appealing marketing or an old brand with rich history? Always go for reputation, experience and reliability. These factors can only be found in the old brand. Sargent products are now on sale at our store. You can select any product which you want by surfing on the internet. Place an order with us over the phone. Bursky Locksmith is always looking forward to dealing in a professional way. Our company and Sargent share more than 200 years of experience together.

Sargent Devices Are Worth Your Money

If you are looking forward to replacing the locks at house then seek professional advice. Ask about Sargent devices from any locksmith in the market. The brand came into existence about 200 years ago. It started as a hardware seller which ultimately turned into Sargent manufacturing company. Today, the brand produces ideal security devices for residential and commercial sites. It takes a lot of money to purchase new locks for the entire house. However, you have to invest the money if you want best security around the house. Be wise and opt for Sargent devices.

Take Out Time In The Evening To Hire Bursky Locksmith

Locksmiths usually convey the message to hire them in day hours for availing best service. We are just a little different. We also claim to deliver most professional locksmith services but at flexible timing. If you don’t have time in the day then opt for evening hours. Bursky Locksmith is willing to serve you whenever it is most convenient for you. We have been in the locksmith field for 20 years. Our technicians have become highly experienced. It makes us feel proud to lead the industry by catering large number of customers every day.

Sargent Brought Several Changes In The Industry

Being the oldest lock manufacturer, Sargent took responsibility to lead the way in this industry by bringing positive changes throughout. 200 years is a long time. A lot has happened in the past 2 centuries such as World Wars, technological revolutions, etc. Sargent welcomed technological changes and adapted them while at the same time became trend setter in market. ASSA ABLOY saw the brand’s reputation and high standards of production. It made ASSA ABLOY acquire Sargent. It has been decades since this move happened. Gain more info at helpline.

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