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We can change or repair your vehicle locks

Not all of us can walk to a car dealership and buy a new car. Some of us will have to settle for second hand cars for our personal and business use. If you buy a second hand car, you might need to install new vehicle locks just to be sure that the one who sold it to you will not come steal it afterwards. At Bursky Locksmith Boston, we are knowledgeable on everything pertaining to these locks. We can help you install new ones or repair the already existing ones in case they are faulty.

We are professional window locks installers

If you just moved into a new house that was previously under another person, you might need to install new window locks so as be sure that no one will gain access to your house in your absence. At Bursky Locksmith Boston, we sell and install high quality locks from trusted security hardware brands found in the American market. Our locksmiths are highly trained and experienced in the installation of these locks. Our rates are also unbeatable as compared to those from other locksmiths in the area. We also offer 24/7 locksmith services.

We extended our service hours. We now work weekends

Security is not a week day affair only. It is an all time affair. It is against this background that we started offering our services even during weekends. We now work weekends and our locksmiths are always standby for emergency cases even during weekends. Our company Bursky Locksmith Boston, believes in a full time security and that is why we are always ready to sacrifice our happy moments just to cater for our clients security needs. To have us fix your locks, break-ins and much more on a weekend, feel free to call us on.

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