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Vehicle lockouts don’t have to be a hassle. Simply call us – the most reliable and honest Boston car locksmith. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more dependable service on the road today. Our technicians are incredibly efficient and will get to you with a speedy 20-minute response for all your auto locksmith Boston needs. With us over a decade in business, we have the experience to deal with vehicles of all makes and models. Within minutes of a lockout, our fully loaded van is on the scene equipped to unlock your door and copy vehicle key. We are your car locksmith Boston. Call us now!

Auto Locksmith Service in Boston

Bursky Locksmith – auto locksmith is the only choice for auto locksmith services in Boston because no one beats our range of assistance, our lightning-fast response time and our dedication to top-tier customer service. Locked out of your vehicle? Don’t worry. We are your auto locksmith services in Boston. Even if you aren’t locked out, we are an expert and timely key maker. Car locksmith Boston, MA can make those replacement car keys you need in a hurry or create copies to keep in a safe spot for emergencies. Whether it’s an ignition key or a programmed transponder key, we are the best name in town for auto locksmith services in Boston, MA.

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Need a New Transponder Key? Call the Expert Key Maker.

Most vehicles manufactured after 1995 have what’s called a transponder key. Unlike an old school mechanical model, a transponder key is programmed to the vehicle as an extra form of theft protection. We are the Boston auto locksmith key maker to call when you need one of these in a hurry. We understand you have places to be and you need your car to get there. Let us provide you with our top of the line transponder key services from an expert key maker to get you moving again. We can even program a new key fob for you in the event yours is lost, stolen or damaged. We are the car locksmith Boston key maker company that can handle it all!

Replacement Car Keys in Boston

Replacement car keys in a hurry are our specialty. Look no further for a Boston locksmith to provide quick copy vehicle key service for you. Replacement car keys are always a good idea, even if it’s not an emergency. Having multiple copies in safe places provides peace of mind for you and your family. Replacement car keys is a topic that shouldn’t scare you, to the contrary it can keep you well prepared in an emergency.

Need a New Ignition Key?

You’ve come to the right place. As the premier auto experts in Boston, MA, we offer rapid service for ignition key duplication and replacement at a price that won’t shock you. If you’ve misplaced your ignition key, call us today. Car locksmith Boston We will have you back on the road in no time at all.

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Automotive FAQ

Stolen car keys is a frightful situation for any driver. When the keys are in the wrong hands, your vehicle is at-risk of being stolen and there is a lot of worry that comes with this fact. To prevent more trouble after a key is stolen, secure your car with safety devices that prevent it from being driven off. Report the incident to the local police department and be sure to obtain a copy of the police report that is filed. And, of course, call a trusted locksmith to have new car keys made so you’re not down and out longer than need be.

Locksmiths can cut and program most any type of car keys that you need. This includes keys for car doors, ignitions, and trunks, too. The locksmith can make a new key with or without the existing key, but it is much easier if the original is available. Furthermore, many locksmiths can cut and program transponder keys, laser cut keys, ignition keys, and any other types of keys needed to operate a bar. Car keys made by a good locksmith work just as well as keys made at a dealership, but the price for the new keys made by a locksmith is usually much more affordable.

Sometimes keys will not work simply because they’re dirty and need to be cleaned. But, at other times, a far more serious issue causes the key to stop working. It could be damage to the key, a broken key, or other issues that cause the key to stop working. If your key will not start the car or open the doors, call a dependable locksmith to have new car keys made. It’s easy for a locksmith to make a new key and resolves the problem fast!