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For over a decade in business our commercial locksmith, Boston, MA pack has been helping the community with all its commercial locksmith needs. If you find yourself in the middle of a building lockout at work, you need a reliable Boston locksmith service that is quick and dependable. We are the only one you need to call. In an industry-best 20-minute response window, we can get you squared away with all your business needs. We’ll get you back in the building and back to work. Our fully loaded van and honest technicians are equipped to copy building keys, install door locks and more. We are your commercial locksmith Boston. Call us now!

Commercial Locksmith Services in Boston?

Without a doubt, yes. When it comes to your business, no other area of locksmithing company surpasses our superior commercial locksmith services in Boston. Bursky is just as dedicated to protecting the businesses of our valued customers as their homes and automobiles in Boston MA. Commercial lockouts are no cause for worry, just cause for a call to us. Our commercial locksmith services in Boston can also provide you with high grade secure door locks to secure your building or office. Need to update that old security lock? Look no further. Call Bursky locksmith services in Boston now to make sure your hard work and your place of work are protected.


The Boston Locksmith to Call for Commercial Lockouts

Time is money and as the # 1 Boston locksmith, we will never waste yours. We understand that commercial lockouts can be costly to daily production and time management at your place of work. In the event of a building lockout, call us immediately. We have adept commercial lockouts outfit on call around the clock, every day of the year, so you and your colleagues can get back to work and on with your day. We will work quickly and quietly until your commercial lockout is a thing of the past! We are the local locksmith Boston with the business savvy and technical expertise to provide everything your enterprise needs to be safe and secure.

Commercial Door Locks to Secure Your Building

Do you need new security locks for your business or place of work? We are the only company you will ever need. Securing your workplace is serious business. You need qualified professionals that can provide you with the latest door locks technology and quality materials to give you and your colleagues peace of mind. More peace of mind means more productivity. We will install everything you need as far as hardware and copy building keys for new employees. Remember us as your commercial door locks crackerjack locksmiths Boston and call now. We’ll secure your business so you can grow it.

Update Your Security Lock

Depending on the nature of your business, you may or may not have multiple employees coming and going at any time. Additionally, your turnover rate may be very high or very low. To keep your workplace safe and secure, it is vital to update your main security lock. We can replace your old security lock with a state-of-the-art new model. We can also repair hardware on your current security lock in the event of new and/or lost employees. It is important to stay on top of who has access to your workplace. Let commercial locksmith, Boston, MA help you with this and all your locksmith commercial needs today.


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Can a locksmith unlock a door in a building lockout situation if the type and model of the lock is unknown?

During a building lockout, people often worry that a locksmith won’t be able to help them because they don’t know the model of their business lock. There’s no need to worry though because locksmiths are trained to know various types of locking mechanisms and styles. A professional locksmith will be able to identify the lock’s model and locking mechanism easily. If you happen to know the lock type and any details about its maintenance, that’s great, but it certainly isn’t necessary.

Are electronic commercial door locks safe enough to secure my building?

Electric commercial door locks use access codes to make it easier for you to gain access to your building – it also makes it easier for a thief with the right set of tools to do the same. Another thing to keep in mind is that a cheap lock, no matter how advanced the tech supposedly is, is a cheap lock. If you are using the services of a certified, professional locksmith, they will ensure a high-quality lock is installed that has the proper encryption and security protocols set up. When programmed correctly, both types of locks can provide a high level of security.