Find the perfect padlocks from our website

At Bursky Locksmith in Newton MA, we understand that the needs of our customers are diverse. For this reason, we have in store padlocks of different shapes, sizes, and operation methods. Start your search from our website now you could have one of the high security locks today. Check out the price displayed against each item. While there, narrow down your search, and settle on a padlock. Next, make an order by filling out a simple order form. The form has specifications of the selected lock and details of your residence. We pick it up from there and arrange on suitable delivery means and payment options.

Take advantage of occasional discounts on radio-dispatched hardware

At Bursky Locksmith in Newton MA, we like to reward our loyal customers once in a while. If you are a regular end user of our products, you could get handsome discounts on the prices if you buy several items, such as the radio-dispatched security hardware. Not many security installation companies go out of their way. So take advantage of our presence today. In addition, look out for occasional offers on assorted goods. We may as well install a lock for one of your rooms for free. Construction contractors who buy locks and other security gadget could hugely benefit from these offers.

Install safes and vaults opened by combination locks and keys

To maximize the safety of your certificates, title deeds, cash, and weapons, install the new combination locks from Bursky Locksmith Newton MA today. You are the only person who knows the right combination that opens the safe or vault. Alternatively, assign the rights of access to a few responsible adults. If you are likely to forget the combination, write it down on a piece of paper and keep it safely. Safes and vaults opened by combination method are not only strong, but also tamper proof. You can reconfigure the combination keys any time you need to.

Spread the message of transponder keys on social media

As the technology evolves, car-locking systems have advanced as well. We now have a computerized key that communicates with your car engine, effectively preventing car robberies. Bursky Locksmith in Newton MA introduced transponder keys to its customers a while back. However, not all vehicle owners and managers have embraced the technology. You can help spread the message to your friends via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, amongst others. Find the ‘Share’ icon from our homepage and connect your followers to the revolutionary technology. Let them call us on 617-514-0200 to enjoy the innumerable advantages of the keys.

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